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DEBT is a Four-Letter Word - But It Need Not Be! is an on going book series (Vol, 1- THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, Vol. 2- THE CAR FINANCING EXPERIENCE; written in narrative, non-fiction style. It shares the hypothetical, but realistic, evolving fiscal development of a 16-year-old daughter as her Dad teaches her in depth skills in wisely taking on debt. As her abilities for wise decision-making, timely borrowing and effective repayment of debt grow, so does the maturity of their relationship. Nicole’s not so secret desire is to one day outsmart her Dad. I invite you to the peek in and see how close she comes to achieving that. You can drive along at your own pace and have fun!

DEBT is a Four-Letter Word…But Need Not Be: THE CAR FINANCING EXPERIENCE is available  on


DEBT is a Four-Letter Word…But Need Not Be: THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE will help parents and young people navigate through the daunting, and sometimes confusing, realms of debt related to the college years of life. From first time credit cards, through student loans to the most daunting of all, repaying them, author Richard Gutkowski helps parents and their children learn through an engaging narrative story of a teenage daughter and her father working through the problems. Alongside the narrative there are realistic situations illustrating the monetary problems encountered and how to calculate smart choices in taking on necessary debts during the college years. Various exercises avail the reader of opportunities to solve similar or extended aspects of those situations.

DEBT is a Four-Letter Word…But Need Not Be: THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE is available  on


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